World Lace Congress

Marita Wrong designs at the 17th World Lace Congress of OIDFA
An endless gold thread; long as life. Tangled, intertwined and complicated like life. At the same time fragile and delicate, like a relationship, when a sharing path begins. The robust and interlaced route cannot be disentangled. The unique design of the lace, the hand-crocheted train and the transparent materials emphasize the lightness and romanticism. The contrasting colours - black and white - indicate opposing characters who, despite their diversity, they still complement each other.

Collection 'Wide and Wife' dedicated to M.B.
A special thank you to Mira Guzelj, my amazing bobbin lacemaker. Big thank you to: my models Tja?a Kokalj Jerala and Iryna Osypenko Nemec, Jasna Rupnik and the organisers.